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Design Engineering and Needs for Methodology

Eder, Wolfgang Ernst // 2009
In order to explore the need for a formalized engineering design methodology, several grounded theories are reviewed and brought into mutual context. The theories refer to memory and thinking ...

Design is a Physical Process, Too

Ballard, Glenn; Koskela, Lauri // 2009
The mainstream stand in textbooks on design and design management is that design is a problem solving process, starting from the perceived problem and ending to a detailed solution. We contend that ...

Design Project Planning, Monitoring and Re-planning through Process Simulation

Wynn, David C.; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
Effective management of design schedules is a major concern in industry, since timely project delivery can have a significant influence on a company's profitability. Based on insights gained ...

Design Theory and Collective Creativity: A Theoretical Framework to Evaluate KCP Process

Le Masson, Pascal; Hatchuel, Armand; Weil, Benoit // 2009
KCP method is a new method for collective creative design. To evaluate and position this method in the constellation of other collective creativity method, we propose an integrated framework based on ...

Design vs. re-design, and how to innovate

Leblanc, Tatjana // 2009
Responsive to the challenges of modern times, designers and educators see the need to re-examine their role and responsibility. Several of them adopted human-centered approaches that make the user ...

Design: The Evolution of Information Punctuated by Decisions

Ullman, David // 2009
As design theory matures, it is becoming more decision-centric supporting the definition of design as the evolution of information punctuated by decisions. Current methods to support design ...

Designing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering and Management

Ekman, Sten; Ekman, Annalill // 2009
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to design entrepreneurial mindsets in different academic cultures and its motives with focus on engineering and management education. Empirical data are ...

Designing Objects That Improve With Use

Helms, Michael Ray; Leifer, Larry // 2009
A new design methodology called "agathonic design" is proposed; one that specifies the intentional design of objects so they improve with use. Individual and/or group interactions with an ...

Developing creative engineers: a design approach to engineering education

de Vere, Ian // 2009
Despite an increase in calls for reform of engineering education, engineering faculties continue to focus somewhat narrowly on the science of engineering, without sufficient curriculum opportunities ...

Development of an Evolutionary Based Design Method

Kittel, Konstantin // 2009
The Auto Genetic Design Theory (ADT) uses analogies between evolution and activities in the design processes to ensure, that the best possible solution can be found, within the given boundaries. ...

Development of an Interdisciplinary Product Model to Support the Optimization of the Product Development Process

Szeghö, K.; Bercsey, T.; Eigner, M. // 2009
The main objective of the research presented in the study is to accelerate the improvement of complex products. In the first step, the product life cycle is examined as a whole (taking into ...

Development of Mathematical Models for Secure Collaboration in Product Lifecycle Management

Liu, Wei; Wang, Min; Zhang, Da Yong; Zeng, Yong // 2009
This paper formalizes product lifecycle management (PLM) based on axiomatic theory of design modeling. Collaboration and secure collaboration issues in PLM are of major concern. Mathematical models ...

Ecodesign integration in education: the utility of an existing multidisciplinary design methodology

Bergen, Jan Peter; Verhulst, Elli // 2009
Over the last decades, sustainable development increases to be a major global issue. Within this scope, new product innovations might lead to a more sustainable future. The role of the industrial ...

Education of T-shaped Technical Innovation (MBA) Managers

Gerson, Philips M.; Ramond, Bruno // 2009
The Open-Dynamic Design research and experiments within an international network learned that the key for successful Technical Innovation are T-shaped engineers, with a solid technical foundation ...

Evaluation Models in Road Safety: A Systemic Roadmap

Fricheteau, Romain; Mekhilef, Mounib; Page, Yves; Hermitte, Thierry // 2009
The evaluation of the road safety actions' effectiveness is one of the main activities carried out in road safety research departments. Safety actions refer to security measures such as ...

Experiences with Combining Pedagogic Theories in the European Global Product Realization Courses

Horvath, Imre; Moes, Niels // 2009
The European Global Product Realization courses are organized for design and engineering students based on the partnership of five European universities and volatile industrial companies. They focus ...

Failure - Prediction Competitions to Develop Structural Design Skills

Field, Bruce William // 2009
At some stage in their education, a mechanical engineer learns how to analyze a range of structural elements, such as beams, columns, shafts, welded and pinned joints. Separately, they learn how to ...

From How Much to How Many: A Method to Develop Representations for Computational Synthesis

Jauregui-Becker, Juan Manuel; Tragter, Hans; van Houten, Fred J. A. M. // 2009
This paper presents "from how much to how many" as a method to parameterize artifactual routine design problems for computational synthesis. The goal is to develop representations with low ...

From practice to theory. has our design research teaching influenced our education and research practice?

Baggerud, Bjørn; Boks, Casper // 2009
In literature, design research appears to be an underexposed element of product design curricula. At NTNU's Department of Product Design, the staff has 8 years of experience with teaching the ...

General Systems Theory Based Integral Design Method

Zeiler, Wim; Savanovic, Perica // 2009
The paper provides insight in a specific design model, Integral Design, derived from the design model Methodical Design developed at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, in the early seventies ...

Hierarchical Affordance Modeling

Maier, Jonathan R. A.; Mocko, Gregory; Fadel, Georges M. // 2009
The theory of affordances has been adapted by the authors into a comprehensive high-level approach to design known as affordance based design. One of the features that distinguishes the affordance ...

Innovation and Vehicle Architecture Development in a New Age of Architectural Competition

Gorbea, Carlos; Lindemann, Udo; Fricke, Ernst // 2009
The automotive industry is going through fundamental change as new car architectures begin to compete in the market. If the new hybrid and electric vehicle offerings prove to gain traction, ...

Innovation design engineering: non-linear progressive education for diverse intakes

Hall, Ashley; Childs, Peter // 2009
This paper discusses the non-linear progressive educational techniques developed and adopted by the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) masters degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial ...

Innovative Design Methods in the Food Processing Industry

Boujut, Jean-François; Lincas, Caroline // 2009
The food processing industry has been an innovation intensive domain for a long time. However, when analyzing the nature of the industrial organization of this industry we surprisingly noticed that ...

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