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Hybrid Prototyping: Pure Theory or a Practical Solution to Accelerating Prototyping Tasks?

Mathias, David; Hicks, Ben; Snider, Chris // 2019
Physical prototyping is critical activity in the produce development process, but the cost and time required to produce prototypes hinders it use in the design process. Hybrid prototyping through ...


Tollestrup, Christian // 2019
One of the structural challenges of educating industrial designers in a university setting is the bridging the gap between the rigor of science in academia and the execution oriented practice. In ...

Influence of Information Collection Strategy on Designer?s Mental Stress

Zhao, Mengting; Zeng, Yong // 2019
Information collection may affect the design quality and designer's performance through changing the structure of information and the way how information is searched and organized. Based on the ...

Innovative Design Within Tradition - Injecting Topos Structures In C-K Theory To Model Culinary Creation Heritage

Hatchuel, Armand; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit; Carvajal-Perez, Daniel // 2019
In "Grande cuisine? creation and tradition co-evolve in a rich number of ways. Great chefs still use recipes from the 19th century and may also reinvent gastronomy itself. The creation heritage of ...


Yu, Shu (1,2); Yuizono, Takaya (1); Kim, Eunyoung (1) // 2019
Under the trend of innovative society and economic development, how to cultivate different types of innovative professional design talents in a more effective and practical way is an important ...

Inventions and scientific discoveries: impact of designers? collaborations on creativity. An analysis towards fixation effects

Plantec, Quentin (1,2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, Benoit (1) // 2019
Scientific discoveries and inventions have long been established as two distinct and sequential activities. It has nonetheless been showed that projects aiming at producing both scientific ...

Is Organizational Design a Human-centered Design Practice?

Auernhammer, Jan Michel Kurt (1); Leifer, Larry (2) // 2019
In recent years design has had a renaissance in business and management research and practice. Several authors have discussed if management is a design practice and how far design ought to go to ...


GULDEN, Tore; STØREN WIGUM, Kristin // 2019
The world population has increased exponentially. Accordingly, use of means, pressure on resources, new technology, and communication, all affects and are affected by the behaviour of the majority of ...

Optimizing Product Development Projects under Asynchronous and Aperiodic System-Local Interactions

Ogura, Masaki (1); Kishida, Masako (2); Yassine, Ali (3) // 2019
Project managers are continuously under pressure to shorten product development durations. One practical approach for reducing the project duration is lessening dependencies between different ...

Organisation design seen through systematic design

Cornelis, Thomas (1,2); Dubois, Patrice (1); Omhover, Jean-Fran // 2019
Organizations seeking to improve their performance, like Corporate Social Responsibility targets, face a key organisational design challenge. Designing the key components of the organization and ...

Orienting Through the Variants of the Shah's A-Posteriori Novelty Metric

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Frillici, Francesco Saverio; Rotini, Federico // 2019
Different variants of a-posteriori novelty metrics can be found in the literature. Indeed, such a kind of assessment procedures is often used to extract useful information about creativity and/or ...


Brisco, Ross (1); Whitfield, Robert Ian (1); Grierson, Hilary (1); Bohemia, Erik (2) // 2019
As technologies evolve students expect to be able to utilise the same functionality they use for personal and social communication for their academic and professional communication. To support ...

Pugh Controlled Convergence and Social Choice Theory

Nicholson, John Morgan; Collopy, Paul // 2019
The Pugh Method of Controlled Convergence is evaluated based on social choice theory, both from an axiomatic basis, and by examining all possible cases of attribute ranks for a range of numbers of ...


de Vere, Ian; Fennessy, Liam // 2019
The practice of Industrial Design is typically defined as the design of products for mass manufacture. Whilst this is a traditional endeavour for the Industrial Designer, such a narrow definition ...

Rhetorical design game for expectation alignment

Koskela, Mikael; Pikas, Ergo // 2019
While the form of building construction delivery known as Integrated Design-Build (or Integrated Project Delivery) is necessary for handling the complexity of modern projects, it raises up a host of ...

Speculative and Critical Design ? Features, Methods, and Practices

Johannessen, Leon Karlsen; Keitsch, Martina Maria; Pettersen, Ida Nilstad // 2019
Speculative and Critical Design (SCD) confronts traditional design practice. Instead of reproducing and reinforcing contemporary perceptions of products and services, SCD seeks to change them, with ...

The Concept Of 'Roadmapping Service': Exploring Customer Perspectives Of Roadmapping Through The Service Lens

Oliveira, Maicon Gouvea (1); Routley, Michele (2); Phaal, Robert (2); Mendes, Glauco Henrique Sousa (3) // 2019
Roadmapping has been addressed as a management approach used to support strategic and innovation planning of organisations over recent decades. This paper introduces a new standpoint for addressing ...

The Construction Of Design Science Knowledge Graphs - Based On National Natural Science Foundation Of China

Xu, Jiang (1); Sun, Gang (1); Ou, Xifan (1); Xu, Jingyu (1); Lu, Han (1); Su, Pujie (1); Wei, Qiushi (1); Ding, Man (2) // 2019
In the era of knowledge networking, the structure and production mode of knowledge are constantly changing. This article creatively introduces the knowledge mapping method in design research, and ...

The Economic Explanation of Inclusive Design in Different Stages of Product Life Time

Li, Fang (1,3); Dong, Hua (2) // 2019
The static data obtained from user research are not sufficient to accurately reflect the change of the user's needs and capabilities in different contexts. Not paying enough attention to the economic ...

The Neurocognition of Three Engineering Concept Generation Techniques

Shealy, Tripp (1); Gero, John (2) // 2019
Techniques and processes used for concept generation rely on composing new concepts and analysis given situational context. Composition and analysis require distinct neurocognitive function. For ...

The PSI network model for studying diverse complex design scenarios

Reich, Yoram (1); Subrahmanian, Eswaran (2) // 2019
Design pervades our world in variety and complexity that is difficult to grasp. Different disciplines and researchers take one or few perspectives to study, model, and try to understand design, why ...

The Reference System In The Model Of PGE: Proposing A Generalized Description Of Reference Products And Their Interrelations

Albers, Albert; Rapp, Simon; Spadinger, Markus; Richter, Thilo; Birk, Clemens; Marthaler, Florian; Heimicke, Jonas; Kurtz, Victor; Wessels, Holger // 2019
Samsung recently introduced a new smartphone display with increased breaking resistance, which will probably be relevant for future cars as well. This example shows that subsystems, in general ...

The Role of Enabling Technologies in Transformative Innovation

Marion, Tucker; Friar, John // 2019
This study is an exploratory analysis of enabling technologies? influence on the trajectory of industry development using a co-evolutionary model of technology development. When combined, enabling ...

The state of prototyping practice in the industrial setting: Potential, challenges and implications

Diefenbach, Sarah (1); Christoforakos, Lara (1); Maisch, Bettina (2); Kohler, Kirstin (3) // 2019
Prototyping as a central method within innovation- and product development processes has a high acceptance in industry. Various prototyping tools provide impressive visualizations of product ideas in ...

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