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Thomsen, Bente Dahl // 2018
The project workbook as a collection of working papers, which are continuously generated during a product development process, is challenged by the digital media. The purpose of the project workbook ...


Smit, Mark; Bijleveld, Eveline // 2018
In a decade-long search for high impact education, providing continuous feedback in a safe yet challenging learning environment, the Industrial Design Education (IDE) course of Rotterdam University ...

The User Repertory Grid Technique to Crowdsourced User Research Analysis: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Creating Personas

Stergiadis, Dimitris; Arvola, Mattias // 2018
There are many different methods for analysing user research data in user-centred design. One method is to create personas. Personas are fictive characters with a name and a face. They are based on ...


Miguel Andres Guerra, Shealy Tripp // 2018
Design of new and re-design of existing infrastructure systems will require creative ways of thinking in order to meet increasingly high demand for services. Both the theory and practice of design ...


Sandeep Athavale, Akash Mohan // 2018
Creativity in game design is not as widely studied as it is in general design discipline. While it may be argued that game design is simply a special case of design, in reality, it is peculiar in ...

Using VR to improve design of assembly tasks and to increase efficiency in conducting the tasks

Eriksson, Yvonne; Sjölinder, Marie; Söderberg, Jonas // 2018
In this paper we discuss how theories of vision, touch, sound, and learning behavior can form a basis for the development of a testbed through which real-life task performance can be compared with ...


Smit, Mark Jacobus; Persaud, Stefan Maxim // 2017
In product design engineering education, classes in engineering mechanics are often difficult, unrewarding and unsatisfying for both students and lecturers. Within the Product Design Engineering ...

A category of design steps

Breiner, Spencer; Subrahmanian, Eswaran // 2017
In this paper we critique the interpretation of Concept-Knowledge theory in terms of logical decidability. We argue instead that concepts and knowledge should be regarded as logical language and ...

A corpus-led approach on guidelines extraction from design thinking methodologies

Rosa, Maiara; Nogueira, Giovana; Rozenfeld, Henrique // 2017
Target of criticism and enthusiastic expressions in literature, design thinking (DT) as spread by IDEO has been popularized and practitioners’ literature has been growing. However, this DT strand ...

A design case study: Transferring design processes and prototyping principles into industry for rapid response and user impact

Sng, Karen Hui En; Raviselvam, Sujithra; Anderson, David; Blessing, Lucienne; Camburn, Bradley Adam; Wood, Kristin // 2017
Process models and design principles play a major role in the development of a product. With every process and principle having their own benefits, deciding the right combination is a challenging ...

Advanced innovation design approach for process engineering

Casner, Didier; Livotov, Pavel // 2017
Process engineering focuses on the design, operation, control and optimization of chemical, physical and biological processes and has applications in many industries. Process Intensification is the ...

Agile development and the constraints of physicality: A network theory-based cause-and-effect analysis

Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian; Chahin, Abdo; Kößler, Johannes; Paetzold, Kristin // 2017
Not only software development, but also many companies developing physical products (not purely software) face high uncertainties and dynamics which raises the need for agile practices well-proven in ...

An approach to analyse the potential of tailored forming by TRIZ Reverse

Brockmöller, Tim; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland // 2017
Within the “Collaborative Research Centre” 1153 a new technology called Tailored Forming (TF) is developed. With TF load adapted hybrid high performance components which consist of two different ...

An approach to implement design for additive manufacturing in engineering studies

Lippert, Bastian; Leuteritz, Georg; Lachmayer, Roland // 2017
This paper describes an approach to implement additive manufacturing technologies in engineering studies by analyzing a lecture, which is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Focusing on ...

An engineering approach to mapping meanings in products and services

Waltersdorfer, Gregor; Gericke, Kilian; Desmet, Pieter; Blessing, Lucienne // 2017
The aim of this paper is to explore how meanings in products and services can be captured, deconstructed, and finally structured, in order to facilitate the deliberate and intentional creation and ...

An exploration of company personas to support customized DfS implementation

Ali, Faheem; Boks, Casper; Bey, Niki // 2017
The increasing discussion on DfS implementation in companies has shifted the focus to effectiveness of the implementation process. Literature shows that there are certain barriers and challenges that ...

An exploratory study into the impact of new digital design and manufacturing tools on the design process

Corsini, Lucia; Moultrie, James // 2017
The study aims to understand the impact of new digital design and manufacturing tools on the design process. Digital manufacturing technologies are having far reaching impacts on design, however ...

An information model to estimate efforts of product development processes

Dittmann, Claudia; Jacobs, Georg; Felix, Valerie // 2017
Due to small batch series or customer orders with specific requirements, costs and especially development cost are hard to determine. Their impact on the overall costs is enormous and cannot be ...

Analyse der Daten- und Informationsflüsse im Produktentstehungsprozess eines OEMs  (Members only )

Julian, Schönwald; Julian, Fleskes; Christian, Forsteneichner; Kristin, Paetzold // 2017
In order to be competitive, companies need a high standard of product quality. To maintain this standard, verification and validation procedures need to be applied constantly during the Product ...


Berglund, Anders; Leifer, Larry // 2017
This research paper attempts to position fundamental principles of design thinking within a framework of problem-solving theory. The roles that are assumed in a co-creation community, team or ...

Building a computational laboratory for the study of team behaviour in product development

Perišić, Marija Majda; Štorga, Mario; Gero, John // 2017
As the result of the first phase of building a computational laboratory which is aimed to enable detail study of the emergent team properties and team behaviour in product development, this paper ...

Climbing C-trees: Analysing Concept-tree content and construction

Blanco, Eric; Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Lavayssiere, Pierre; Chevrier, Pierre // 2017
The aim of the paper is to analyze the rationale of production of C-trees used in innovative design workshop implementing C/K theory. Data had been produced within industrial creative workshops in ...

Complexity theory as an epistemological approach to sustainability assessment methods definition

Nigra, Marianna // 2017
It is since the last thirty years that the world community has formally recognized the necessity of approaching the changes occurring to the social environmental and economic structure of society. ...

Concept for investigating the application of methods in product development

Gust, Peter; Kuhlmeier, Marco; Garbe, Marie; Kampa, Sebastian // 2017
The use of methods is a success factor in modern product development and is of decisive importance for the overall economic success of a company. The positive effects of using a method have been ...

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