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Eliciting configuration design heuristics with hidden Markov models

McComb, Christopher; Cagan, Jonathan; Kotovsky, Kenneth // 2017
Configuration design problems, characterized by the selection and assembly of components into a final desired solution, are common in engineering design. Although a variety of theoretical approaches ...

Engineering design research methodologies in product-service systems: When the complex gets tough

Ericson, Ĺsa; Lugnet, Johan; Wenngren, Johan // 2017
The research field of Product-Service Systems (PSS) emerged within the engineering design field to address sustainability and radically lower environmental impact from production and product use ...

Engineering value-effective healthcare solutions: A systems design perspective

Patou, François; Maier, Anja // 2017
Our modern healthcare systems commonly face an important dilemma. While they depend on innovation to provide continuously greater healthcare value, they also struggle financially with the burden of ...

ering design: What’s the difference?

Greene, Melissa; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos; McGowan, Anna-Maria // 2017
Design thinking (DT) and engineering systems thinking (EST) are two complementary approaches to understanding cognition, organization, and other non-technical factors that influence the design and ...


Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Hjelseth, Eilif // 2017
Design and assessment of sustainability is expected to be a mandatory part of the competence of the engineers of the future. Sustainability in design and engineering education has often been solved ...

Experiential qualities of science museum exhibits: a thematic analysis

Ocampo-Agudelo, Jose; Maya, Jorge // 2017
Designing and supporting the visitor experience with interactive exhibits in science museums is a complex endeavor, particularly because many factors are interrelated and its subjective and dynamic ...

Exploring human behaviour in design education: Supporting sustainable decision-making with a tabletop activity

Willis, Amanda; Wise, Alyssa; Antle, Alissa // 2017
This paper explores the behaviour of learners engaging with a sustainable tabletop activity. Fitting with the theme of Resource-Sensitive Design, this paper takes the viewpoint that the early ...

Extending system design tools to incorporate user- and contextual elements in developing future products and services

Liem, André // 2017
This article aims to extend systems thinking to include user-, and contextual elements. Such extension should be angled towards increased human intervention and multiple stakeholder involvement in ...

Fitting squares into round holes: Enabling innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship through corporate Fab Labs

Fuller, Matt // 2017
Acting on personal convictions that a large automobile maker's ability to innovate was too closed-off and poorly suited for breakthrough innovation, a small team at the main R&D campus decided in ...


Ringvold, Tore Andre; Digranes, Ingvild // 2017
The latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century has seen societies changing in a more rapid speed, and what is seen as important competencies have changed. There is an ...


Sjovoll, Vibeke; Gulden, Tore // 2017
Product designers often take it upon themselves to define environments, problems, and solutions for others. Unfortunately this can serve to arrest the potential engagement for people and block the ...

Helping inhabitants in energy saving and getting inputs from usage for eco-design: Cooking case study

Abi Akle, Audrey; Lizarralde, Iban // 2017
Inhabitants use energy to perform various activities of daily life in the private sphere i.e. the household scope. The activities they undertake are stochastic in nature and difficult to predict. ...


Atighi Lorestani, Elham; Khalili, Maryam // 2017
By entering preschool age, children’s understanding of the world increase significantly and their interactive worlds extend excessively. This will impact not only their social connections but also ...

Identifying affordances from online product reviews

Hou, Tianjun; Yannou, Bernard; Leroy, Yann; Poirson, Emilie; Mata, Ivan; Fadel, Georges // 2017
Affordance based design is developed since the beginning of 21st century. Affordances being revealed properties of a system in a context, they may be much diverse and unexpected. Consequently, it is ...

Identifying product development crises: The potential of adaptive heuristics

Muenzberg, Christopher; Stingl, Verena; Geraldi, Joana; Oehmen, Josef // 2017
This paper introduces adaptive heuristics as a tool to identify crises in design projects and highlights potential applications of these heuristics as decision support tool for crisis identification. ...

Improving exploration capability by interacting with start-ups

Buck, Lennart Sebastian; Nilsson, Susanne; Ritzén, Sofia // 2017
This paper describes and analyses an exploration-capability model that is currently being introduced in an automotive OEM. An increasingly high environmental dynamism as well as a new level of ...

Improving needs-finding techniques for medical device development at low resource environments using Activity Theory

Rismani, Shalaleh; Van der Loos, H. F. Machiel // 2017
It is critical to evaluate and improve existing needs-finding techniques for design in new and complex spaces. In the recent decade, more companies and organizations are focusing on medical device ...

Integrated modeling of behavior and reliability in system development

Hentze, Julian; Kaul, Thorben; Graessler, Iris; Sextro, Walter // 2017
The integrated modeling of behavior and reliability in system development delivers a model-based approach for reliability investigation by taking into account the dynamic system behavior as well as ...

Introducing constraints to enhance integration at the design-manufacturing interface of new product development

Bix, Susanne // 2017
Enhancing integration at the design-manufacturing interface in new product development is increasingly important for industrial players to keep up with shorter product lifecycles and innovative ...

Is it sustainable? A conceptual exposition of sustainability in technical artefacts

Hay, Laura; Duffy, Alex // 2017
Design is increasingly viewed as a key driver of global sustainability improvement. Accordingly, a range of sustainability-oriented design approaches have emerged over the past decades, all sharing ...

Kansei modeling methodology for multisensory UX design

Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi; Miyazaki, Chihiro; Bouchard, Carole // 2017
Through a time-series of user experience(UX), multiple senses, such as vision, hearing, and touch, interact with a product. Cross-modal studies have shown that multiple senses interact each other and ...

Knowledge management and eco-innovation: Issues and organizational challenges to small and medium enterprises

Cherifi, Ahmed; Gardoni, Mickaël; M'Bassègue, Patrick; Renaud, Jean; Houssin, Rémy // 2017
the generation of new knowledge. To help SMEs in the development of their product, we propose a methodological approach that will allow to respect eco-innovative goal. As a starting point, a ...

Literature based review of a collaborative design taxonomy

Righter, James; Chickarello, Doug; Stidham, Hallie; O'Shields, Steven; Patel, Apurva; Summers, Joshua // 2017
A 2003 paper at ICED established a collaborative design taxonomy that can be used to breakdown and categorize engineering design teams. This collaborative design taxonomy was evaluated to determine ...

Mindfulness and resource-sensitive design: A literature overview and an agenda for research

Chan, Wing Mui Helen; de Bont, Cees // 2017
Mindfulness has aroused great interests in the past few decades and researches on mindfulness conducted have suggested that it is related to increase in awareness, creativity, quality ...

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