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Lugnet, Johan; Ericson, Åsa; Lundgren, Martin; Wenngren, Johan // 2020
This paper presents the rationale for the design of a card deck game sustaining information security training. The efforts have followed design thinking, been inspired by an approach for ...


Svihla, Vanessa (1); Kachelmeier, Luke (2) // 2020
Supporting designers to empathize with stakeholder points of view while still developing creative solutions is challenging, particularly when stakeholders’ lives and experiences are quite different ...

A CHAT Approach to Understand Framing in Digital Service Innovation

Sturkenboom, Nick (1); Baha, Ehsan (1,2); Price, Rebecca (1); Kleinsmann, Maaike (1); Snelders, Dirk (1) // 2019
Within the third wave of digital service innovation, framing is becoming increasingly complex. Accordingly, design practice finds itself in a transition from designing single service solutions that ...

A Comparison of Design Activity of Academics and Practitioners Using the FBS Ontology: A Case Study

Hurst, Ada (1); Nespoli, Oscar G. (1); Abdellahi, Sarah (2); Gero, John S. (2) // 2019
Academics teach engineering design based on design theory and best practices, practitioners teach design based on their experience. Is there a difference between them? There appears to be little ...

A Computational Framework for Exploring the Socio-Cognitive Features of Teams and their Influence on Design Outcomes

Singh, Harshika (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); Casakin, Hernan (2); Singh, Vishal (3) // 2019
The dynamics of design teams play a critical role in product development, mainly in the early phases of the process. This paper presents a conceptual framework of a computational model about how ...

A computational study of the effect of experience on problem/solution space exploration in teams

Perisic, Marija Majda (1); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Storga, Mario (1,2); Gero, John S (3,4) // 2019
This paper presents the results of computational experiments aimed at studying the effect of experience on design teams? exploration of problem-solution space. An agent-based model of a design team ...

A Conceptual Framework for Breakthrough Technologies

Hein, Andreas Makoto (1); Brun, Juliette (2) // 2019
Breakthrough technologies introduce a radically new capability or a drastic performance improvement. However, the existing engineering design literature does not specifically pay attention to them. ...


WU, DUAN (1); MA, YUHONG (1); WANG, JIPING (3); XU, JIE (2) // 2019
Social regeneration is an intricate field that calls for interdisciplinary knowledge to fulfill the ever-changing trends and an arbitrary sequence of demands. Ostensibly, involved in “reshaping” the ...

A Law Of Functional Expansion - Eliciting The Dynamics Of Consumer Goods Innovation With Design Theory

Le Masson, Pascal; El Qaoumi, Kenza; Hatchuel, Armand; Weil, Benoit // 2019
For more than two decades, mobile phone industry has shown that innovation is not only functional optimization and combination but can also be a "functional expansion?. Sometimes called radical or ...

A Review of Affordances and Affordance-Based Design to Address Usability

Masoudi, Nafiseh (1); Fadel, Georges M. (1); Pagano, Christopher C. (2); Elena, Maria Vittoria (1) // 2019
Maier and Fadel pioneered Affordance-Based Design (ABD) based on Gibson?s revolutionary theory of affordances and Norman?s deployment of the concept in his book, ?The Design of Everyday Things?. ...

A Systematic Approach to Evaluating Design Prompts in Supporting Experimental Design Research

Patel, Apurva; Elena, Maria-Vittoria; Summers, Joshua // 2019
Experiments that study engineering behavior in design often rely on participants responding to a given design prompt or a problem statement. Moreover, researchers often find themselves testing ...

A systematic brainstorming ideation method for novice designers based on SECI theory

Kim, Taegyun; McKay, Alison; Thomas, Briony // 2019
Design ideation is a critical early step in any design process and especially challenging for novice designers. This paper introduces the "Systematic Brainstorming Ideation (SBI)" method that, as ...

A theoretical foundation for developing a prescriptive method for the co-design of circular economy value chains

Blomsma, Fenna; Pigosso, Daniela C.; McAloone, Tim C. // 2019
In order to operate in line with the circular economy (CE) concept, companies and other stakeholders need to work together to enable the circulation and cascading of resources. Although the need for ...

A theory-driven design research agenda: Exploring dual-process theory

Cash, Philip; Daalhuizen, Jaap; Valgeirsdottir, Dagny; Van Oorschot, Robin // 2019
Design research faces a critical 'impact gap' where the potential for scientific and practical impact is yet to be fully realised. A key means of bridging this gap is the adoption of fundamental ...

Analysing and Solving the Reduced-ability and Excessive-use Dilemmas in Technology Use

Wesugi, Shigeru // 2019
Technology use provides great benefits by extending human ability, but the negative effects cannot always be ignored. The author examined the dilemmas of technology use based on Shibata?s analysis of ...

Approaches to automatically extract affordances from patents

Chiarello, Filippo (1); Cirri, Ilenia (1); Melluso, Nicola (1); Fantoni, Gualtiero (1); Bonaccorsi, Andrea (1); Pavanello, Tommaso (2) // 2019
The importance of affordance in Engineering design is well established. Artifacts that are able to activate spontaneous and immediate users? reactions are considered the outcome of good design ...


Thorstensen, Rein Terje; Folkman, Anders; Svennevig, Paul Ragnar // 2019
Universities are major contributors to societal development, through the formation of aspiring young professionals. In addition to having responsibility for equipping these young professionals with ...

Approaching Knowledge Dynamics Across the Product Development Process with Methods of Social Research

Wang, Wei Min; M // 2019
Knowledge is a crucial factor in state-of-the-art product development. It is often provided by stakeholders from divers disciplinary and individual backgrounds and has to be integrated to create ...

Assessing and improving the coverage of a Strategic Research Agenda: A design theory approach

Râmondeau, Estelle (1,2); Cogez, Patrick (2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, BenoÎt (1) // 2019
Strategic Research Agendas (SRA) bring to the research community a prospective and collective vision of a sector and are intended to provide directions for future research efforts. However, some ...


Tessier, Virginie; Mithra, Zahedi // 2019
This article adopts a sociocultural perspective, based on a Designerly version of Activity Theory, to propose a coherent framework in response to the challenges of assessing collaborative ...

Axioms of value

Reber, Michael (1); Duffy, Alex (2); Hay, Laura (2) // 2019
Extensive work exists on value in multiple domains. However, there are different interpretations, highlighting a lack of clarity about the fundamental characteristics. To address this, we present ...

Can Ethics Enhance Creative Design Activity?

Sekiguchi, Kaira (1); Hori, Koichi (1,2) // 2019
This study exhibits that there exists generative ethics in which ethical thinking will allow us to change our perspectives to consider the artifacts? social effects in design, thereby enhancing our ...


Smit, Mark J.; Bekker, Dirk H.M. // 2019
Learning how to create physical products that are either functional, producible, profitable, sustainable and valuable involves both intensive practice and acquiring broad knowledge and ...

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