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Analyse der Daten- und Informationsflüsse im Produktentstehungsprozess eines OEMs  (Members only )

Julian, Schönwald; Julian, Fleskes; Christian, Forsteneichner; Kristin, Paetzold // 2017
In order to be competitive, companies need a high standard of product quality. To maintain this standard, verification and validation procedures need to be applied constantly during the Product ...


Berglund, Anders; Leifer, Larry // 2017
This research paper attempts to position fundamental principles of design thinking within a framework of problem-solving theory. The roles that are assumed in a co-creation community, team or ...

Building a computational laboratory for the study of team behaviour in product development

Perišić, Marija Majda; Štorga, Mario; Gero, John // 2017
As the result of the first phase of building a computational laboratory which is aimed to enable detail study of the emergent team properties and team behaviour in product development, this paper ...

Climbing C-trees: Analysing Concept-tree content and construction

Blanco, Eric; Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Lavayssiere, Pierre; Chevrier, Pierre // 2017
The aim of the paper is to analyze the rationale of production of C-trees used in innovative design workshop implementing C/K theory. Data had been produced within industrial creative workshops in ...

Complexity theory as an epistemological approach to sustainability assessment methods definition

Nigra, Marianna // 2017
It is since the last thirty years that the world community has formally recognized the necessity of approaching the changes occurring to the social environmental and economic structure of society. ...

Concept for investigating the application of methods in product development

Gust, Peter; Kuhlmeier, Marco; Garbe, Marie; Kampa, Sebastian // 2017
The use of methods is a success factor in modern product development and is of decisive importance for the overall economic success of a company. The positive effects of using a method have been ...


Hjelseth, Eilif // 2017
Sustainability is a widely used term in titles and descriptions of courses in higher education within design and product development. There is a general agreement in the society about the importance ...

Current state of practices in open source product development

Bonvoisin, Jérémy (1); Thomas, Laetitia (2); Mies, Robert (1); Gros, Céline (2); Stark, Rainer (1); Samuel, Karine (2); Jochem, Roland (1); Boujut, Jean-François (2) // 2017
Open source innovation is a well-studied phenomenon of the ICT sector, but its evolution towards the field of tangible hardware product development is a newer phenomenon which remains mostly ...

Decision design and re-ordering preferences: The case of an exploration project in a large firm

Le Glatin, Mario; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoît // 2017
Decision theory has been long applied to project management for risk and uncertainty reduction. Among the foundations, the manager is considered following axioms describing his rationality; the most ...

Definition and support of differentiation and integration in mechanical structure using S-curve theory and wavelet transform

Ishii, Takahiro; Parque, Victor; Miura, Satoshi; Miyashita, Tomoyuki // 2017
The differentiation and the integration of products are the essential procedures for product innovation. To understand the product innovation, the approaches using S-curve theory, which explain the ...

Design fixation to examples: A study on the time decay of fixation

Viswanathan, Vimal Kumar // 2017
When designers fixate during an idea generation session, they replicate the features of any available example or their prior ideas. This paper presents an empirical study to understand the variation ...


Watty, Robert // 2017
Professional engineers do not only require technical knowledge but also the ability to apply it successfully to design problems in the “real world”. Thus both requirements of industry as customer and ...

Design thinking - a paradigm

Laursen, Linda Nhu; Tollestrup, Christian // 2017
Design thinking has received an increasing amount of attention in both practice and academia. Previous research has successfully pointed out design thinking is vaguely and diversely defined, ...


Kloeckner, Ana Paula; Libânio, Cláudia de Souza; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte // 2017
Design Thinking is a human-centred innovation process, with an emphasis on deep understanding of consumers, holistically, integratively, creatively, and awe-inspiring. Design Thinking methods and ...

Designing new concepts for household appliance with the help of TRIZ

Baur, Christoph; Muenzberg, Christopher; Lindemann, Udo // 2017
This paper presents a case study of the application of TRIZ in an industrial development project. The study focusses on the TRIZ method “Trends of Engineering System Evolution” to develop innovative ...

Designing the missing link between science and industry: Organizing partnership based on dual generativity

Klasing Chen, Milena; Aknin, Patrice; Lagadec, Lilly-Rose; Laousse, Dominique; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoît // 2017
Industry-academic research partnerships are mostly considered interesting to increase industrial innovativeness, and its benefits have been discussed in the flourishing open innovation literature. ...


Seiersten, Nils; Berg, Arild // 2017
In the process of work life, product designers are expected to master and use digital tools. This must therefore be integrated in teaching in a pedagogically appropriate manner. Research has shown ...

Economic development as design: Insight and guidance through the PSI framework

Subrahmanian, Eswaran; Eckert, Claudia; McMahon, Christopher; Reich, Yoram // 2017
Economic development is aimed at improving the lives of people in the developing world, and needs to be carried out with design at its heart, but this has often not been the case. This paper first ...

Ekphrasis as a design method

Gero, John // 2017
Ekphrasis is the expression of a concept that is represented in the medium of one domain in the medium of another domain. This paper presents the results from exploring the concept of ekphrasis as ...

Eliciting configuration design heuristics with hidden Markov models

McComb, Christopher; Cagan, Jonathan; Kotovsky, Kenneth // 2017
Configuration design problems, characterized by the selection and assembly of components into a final desired solution, are common in engineering design. Although a variety of theoretical approaches ...

Engineering design research methodologies in product-service systems: When the complex gets tough

Ericson, Ĺsa; Lugnet, Johan; Wenngren, Johan // 2017
The research field of Product-Service Systems (PSS) emerged within the engineering design field to address sustainability and radically lower environmental impact from production and product use ...

Engineering value-effective healthcare solutions: A systems design perspective

Patou, François; Maier, Anja // 2017
Our modern healthcare systems commonly face an important dilemma. While they depend on innovation to provide continuously greater healthcare value, they also struggle financially with the burden of ...

ering design: What’s the difference?

Greene, Melissa; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos; McGowan, Anna-Maria // 2017
Design thinking (DT) and engineering systems thinking (EST) are two complementary approaches to understanding cognition, organization, and other non-technical factors that influence the design and ...


Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Hjelseth, Eilif // 2017
Design and assessment of sustainability is expected to be a mandatory part of the competence of the engineers of the future. Sustainability in design and engineering education has often been solved ...

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