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The Balance Between a Usable and Emotional Product Design - A Concept for Prioritising Relevant Influencing Factors

Judith van Remmen, Dennis Horber, Jorg Miehling, Sandro Wartzack // 2023
Usability and emotionality represent fundamental aspects of user experience. Yet designing an equally usable and emotionally appealing product remains a challenge for product developers, not least ...

The design mindset inventory (D-Mindset0): a preliminary instrument for measuring design mindset.

Lavrsen, Jakob Clemen (1); Daalhuizen, Jaap (1); Carbon, Claus-Christian (2) // 2023
Mindset has been identified as an essential aspect of design and innovation, impacting both behaviours and performance. However, the concept of design mindset is elusive. Often design mindset is used ...

The Influence of Representation on System Interpretation: A Search for Most Common Set Partitions

Murphy, Alexander R. (1); Patel, Apurva R. (1); Zorn, Stefan (2); Gericke, Kilian (2); Summers, Joshua D. (1) // 2023
During engineering design, different representations are used to convey information about a systems' components, functionality, spatial layout, and interdependencies. These varying representations ...

The situatedness of design concepts: empirical evidence from design teams in engineering

Gero, John; Milovanovic, Julie // 2023
Situatedness in design suggest that designing is situated within the design process or the cognitive actions taken by the designer, the designer’s expertise and know-how, the designer’s experience ...

The Study of Cognitive Differences between Designers and Users based on Schema Theory

Guo, Su (1,2); Fan, Shengxi (1); Meng, Yichen (2) // 2023
This study is grounded upon the cognitive process and knowledge representation, analyzes the differences in perceptions between designers and users by applying schema theory. Per design process, we ...


Wachs, Marina-Elena; Hoffmann, Andreas // 2023
WHAT ABOUT Within the scientific cycle of design / historians and design theorists, likewise other teacher in ‘Gestalt-theory’, we have to take the element of ‘time’ as significant creating factor, ...


Tully, Robert // 2023
In an age of disruption and challenging educational demands, we need our Higher Education Institutions to make the necessary changes in policy and strategy to remain relevant. Responsible innovation ...

Uncertainty management in product development portfolios: the impact of global sustainability agendas

Filipovic, Andy Mattulat (1,2); Welo, Torgeir (1); Willumsen, Pelle Lundquist (2); Oehmen, Josef (2) // 2023
Increased focus on sustainability significantly impacts product development portfolio management in organizations. This paper focuses on the significant unaccommodated uncertainty caused by the green ...


Elden Wilhelmsen, Marthe; O'born, Reyn; Heimdal, Anette; Ruser, Alexander // 2023
This paper investigates the prevalence of climate skepticism among 3rd year engineering students and seeks to understand how pedagogical interventions can be used to challenge climate skeptic views. ...

Understanding upcycling and circular economy and their interrelationships through literature review for design education

Sung, Kyungeun // 2023
Design and engineering are fundamental activities in shaping the world we live in. Educating new generations in design and engineering, therefore, is crucial to build a better and more sustainable ...

Using Pleasurability to Compare Wristwatches and IoT Smartwatches: Providing Novel Insights into UX Design

Lin, Zidong (1); Ahmed-Kristensen, Saeema (2); Hall, Ashley (1); Sommer, Bjorn (1) // 2023
The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought more challenges for designers to fully understand networked objects and develop pleasurable user experiences (UXs). Due to the radical change ...

What Determines VR Integration in Design Practice? An Investigation of Industrial Designer's Acceptance of VR Visualisation Tools

Zhang, Wendy (1); Ranscombe, Charlie (2); Piumsomboon, Thammathip (1); Mallya, Prabha (1) // 2023
Emerging visualisation tools based on eXtended Reality (XR) platforms offer designers new possibilities and benefits, attracting increasing interest from academia and industry. However, as the users ...

Additive Manufacturing Conformity – A Practical View

Gregory-Jamie T // 2022
With the dissemination of additive manufacturing (AM), numerous methods have emerged to support the design process. One possibility is to improve functional solutions through AM-conformal design. ...

Advantages of 3D Printing for Circular Economy and Its Influence on Designers

Youzhi Chen // 2022
Based on the theoretical research of 3D printing and circular economy, combined with case studies, this paper analyzes the advantages of 3D printing in realizing circular economy and its influence on ...

Assessing Social Behaviour Towards Near-Body Product Users in the Wild: A Review of Methods

Muriel De Boeck, Jochen Vleugels, Dirk Van Rooy, Kristof Vaes // 2022
Prior to wide adoption, a product must find social approval, which is especially true for near-body products as they are considered part of the human body. Based on a theoretical foundation, this ...

Avoid Service Design Trap by Guiding Product/Service System Design with Product-Service Dependency Knowledge Base

Tomohiko Sakao, Abhijna Neramballi, Johannes Matschewsky // 2022
This article aims to contribute to the knowledge on product/service system (PSS) design practice as follows. First, a new rationale for why PSS design in practice often does not exploit its full ...

Coordinated Property Driven Development

Adlin, Nillo; Juuti, Tero; Lehtonen, Timo // 2022
Characteristics-Properties Method/Property-Driven Development (CPM/PDD) has been a popular and widely applied theory for supporting the integration of product modelling and design process modelling. ...

Design Strategies to Promote Intercultural Meaningful Social Interactions

María Laura Ramírez Galleguillos, Aya Eloiriachi, Büşra Serdar, Aykut Coşkun // 2022
Intercultural interactions encourage social inclusion and diversity, but they are often avoided due to prejudices. Intercultural Meaningful Social Interactions (IMSI) can overcome such prejudices; ...

Harnessing the Complexity for Vehicle System Design at the Concept Design Phase of an Aircraft

Adelia Darlene Drego // 2022
Aircraft vehicle systems enable an aircraft to fly safely throughout a mission. Generating feasible vehicle system architectures at the aircraft concept design phase is complex. Aspects from various ...

Industry 4.0 Management: Preliminary Design Implications

Rebecca Castagnoli (1), Julie Stal-Le Cardinal (2), Giacomo B // 2022
Industry 4.0 is expected to change competitiveness of manufacturing firms. However, to completely achieve this goal, firms should manage barriers and complexity issues that my hinder its adoption or ...

Investigating Triple Process Theory in Design Protocols

Sonia Vieira (1), Udo Kannengiesser (2), Mathias Benedek (3) // 2022
This study presents a coding scheme for design protocols that is derived from Triple Process Theory postulating the existence of three categories of cognitive processes: spontaneous, deliberate, and ...

One Size Doesn't Fit All: On the Adaptable Universal Design of Assistive Technologies

Leila Aflatoony (1), Siniša Kolarić (2) // 2022
Occupational therapists modify mass-produced and universally-designed assistive technologies (ATs) to fulfill the specific needs of people with disabilities. We interviewed ten occupational ...

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