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Arikoglu, E. S.; Bonvoisin, J.; Bouznif, M.; Cheriti, S.; Hachani, S.; Izadpanah, H.; Weber, C. // 2010
“Les 24h de l’innovation” is a design competition during which student teams have to innovate on industrial problems within a 24h timeframe. This paper analyses the participation of two student teams ...

DoDesign: A Tool for Creativity-based Innovation

Wuytens, Karen; Willems, Bert // 2010
This paper describes the results of a pilot project set up to develop the concept behind DoDesign. DoDesign is a design tool and platform aimed at stimulating designers towards innovative designs ...

Dynamics and diversity in use: implications for aesthetics and usability

van der Bijl-Brouwer, Mieke; Eggink, Wouter // 2010
The ease of use or usability of a product depends not only on product characteristics, but on the user characteristics and environment in which a product is used as well. Products that are used in ...

Enabling Creativity. Imagination in Design Processes

Folkmann, Mads Nygaard // 2010
The paper is a theoretical contribution to design epistemology. It proposes a framework for describing and analyzing the workings of imagination in creative design processes. The approach of the ...

Enabling the Post-Graduate Development of Enhanced Research Methodologies and Analytical Models for Primary Research

Lawson, Stuart Michael // 2010
De Montfort University’s Design Products department has recently expanded both its research activities and its taught postgraduate programmes. Whilst much of the staff’s research broadly informs the ...

Engaging large class with inclusive design through the use of simulation tools and interdisciplinary collaboration

Dong, Hua; Spiliotoupoulou, Georgia // 2010
A user-centred approach and interdisciplinary team work are increasingly becoming important in the learning and teaching of design. Whilst it is good practice to introduce relevant theories to ...

Find The Gap – developing abilities in space consciousness for enhanced learning

Simpson-Little, Diane; Long, Christopher // 2010
Creativity and design is ultimately about making things that are visible, whether it is a chair, a sculpture, a poem or a theory. Nevertheless, it is where the initial creativity occurs in the ...

From research-based teaching to teaching-based research and back.

Poulsen, Søren Bolvig; Morelli, Nicola // 2010
between students from various educations with small/medium sized companies at various locations in Scandinavia. This article describes the research/teaching set up at Aalborg University, Denmark, ...

Function-Based Contact and Channel Modelling in the Development ofan Innovative Car

Albers, A.; Braun, A. // 2010
Engineering processes are mostly carried into execution by trans-disciplinary teams that are often also distributed over several countries. The competitive conduction of product engineering projects ...


Roth, D.; Binz, H.; Watty, R. // 2010
The resource knowledge becomes more and more important in terms of a factor of production. The intention of this paper is to develop a preferable, general structure of knowledge within the product ...

HELP! Engaging students in an immersive simulation to increase empathy when designing emergency products

Grundy, Catherine Anne; Brewster, Diane // 2010
In a creative exploration with second year students at the University of Sussex, we attempted to investigate how we can improve our understanding of being in a panic situation in order to ...


Jensen, A. R. V.; Ahmed-Kristensen, S. // 2010
Managing knowledge reflects the innovation capability of a company. Mapping decision processes and links to knowledge is a way to learn more in structuring knowledge in innovation processes. Through ...

Impact of Bachelor Research Projects by Design Students

Wever, Renee; Christiaans Henri // 2010
For ten years, the curriculum of the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) bachelor program at Delft University of Technology contained a bachelor research project. This 8 ECTS course consisted of ...

Improving the Mechanical Design Education by Hands-on Experience with Machine Parts

Beckmann, Gregor; Krause, Dieter // 2010
Mechanical engineering design education usually provides theoretical knowledge about machine parts and the required skills to develop products using methodical design approaches. Beside this, ...

Information Modelling for Automotive Configuration

Tidstam, Anna; Malmqvist, Johan // 2010
The topic of the paper is information models that are the basis for product configuration in the automotive industry. The subject is examined from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. In ...

Investigating the Nature of Creativity as it is Understood in Graphic Design Industries

Alhajri, Salman Amur // 2010
Purpose: this paper identifies the meanings of creativity from socio-cultural perspectives within the specific context of the graphic design discipline. It tries to identify what is ‘creative’ as it ...


Vielhaber, M.; Bergsjö, D.; Catic, A. // 2010
Over a century, automotive engineering was a mainly mechanical discipline. Mechanical engineering has a much longer history, with methodology research coming up around 150 years ago. Only in recent ...


Gu, N.; Gül, L. F.; Williams, A. // 2010
Design education is concerned with learning theory and its applications in the design of artifacts that are essential to our society. 3D virtual worlds have the potential to make a major contribution ...

Potentiale für den Leichtbau durch Beschichtung von Kunststoffen

Sander, T.; Wartzack, S. // 2010
Die Metallisierung von Kunststoffbauteilen ist ein häufig angewandtes Verfahren, welches derzeit überwiegend zur Aufwertung der optischen Eigenschaften und Verbesserung von Haptik, Oberflächenhärte ...

Procedural Linking Between Product Requirements and Validation Methods

Westphal, Christoph; Wartzack, Sandro // 2010
Fulfilling and safeguarding of product properties and functions are some of the most important tasks in modern product development. Resulting of the huge mass of variants efficient ways have to be ...

Product design and gender as example of a research based styling master course

Stilma, Margot // 2010
Combining research with a styling approach was one of the goals when developing the master course named ‘Design & Emotion’. The master course is part of the master track 'Design & Styling' ...

Research processes: Design processes: Design epistemologies and ontologies in design education.

Dowlen, Chris // 2010
It is advantageous for designers, researchers and educators to develop forms of knowledge maps to determine a multiplicity of processes. These knowledge maps, or epistemologies, can start to provide ...

Semi scientific attitudes through process reporting on knowledge production

Tollestrup ,Christian // 2010
How can you improve and focus on the knowledge produced through a design project by design students? The range of skills and competencies in design education is not limited to the ability to
handle ...


Kazakci, A. O.; Hatchuel, A.; Le Masson, P.; Weil, B. // 2010
C-K design theory is a theory of design reasoning describing design as the interaction of concepts and knowledge. The foundation of C-K theory has often been laid out and studied in formal terms. By ...

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