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Impart ‘design for production’ knowledge by application of functional prototyping

Leutenecker, Bastian; Meboldt, Mirko; Lohmeyer, Quentin // 2013
In engineering design the early consideration of ‘Design for Production’ aspects is of particular importance to avoid high costs and time efforts caused by late redesign iterations. In design ...

Improving Organizational Design and Diagnosis by Supporting Viable System Model Applications with Structural Complexity Management

Elezi, F.; Resch, D.; Tommelein, I.D.; Lindemann, U. // 2013
This paper explores the applicability of Structural Complexity Management (StCM) on organizational design and diagnosis. As basic structural model for efficient management of organizations the Viable ...

Innovation roadmapping: Building a theoretical framework from multiple cases of industrial firms

Simonse, Lianne W.L.; Buijs, Jan A.; Hultink, Erik-Jan // 2013
This paper investigates the phenomenon of innovation roadmapping from the dimensions of activity and performance. We employed a multiple case analysis on 12 cases of industrial firms to identify the ...

Inquiry into service processes from the Perspective of ‘Steps’

Tamura, Ryoichi; Honda, Akihiro // 2013
In this paper, our aim is to initiate research into service design by first understanding the current state of service processes. We study investigates and analyzes a wide range of service cases from ...

Integrating formula student into design education – bridging the gap between theory and practice

Dohr, Fabio; Vielhaber, Michael // 2013
Design methodology is a rather abstract, yet very important, aspect of engineering design. This leads to the acceptance of such topics in education being rather low among students. The combination of ...

Measuring sharedness of mental models in architectural and engineering design teams

Casakin, Hernan; Badke-Schaub, Petra // 2013
The study presented in this paper investigates the development of sharedness of mental models in situations of design problem solving. A basic assumption is that sharedness of individual mental ...

Mechatronics design for students: model based in industrial engineering techniques

Gonzalez Almaguer, Carlos Alberto; Manriquez, Jose; Trelles, Sergio; Reyes, Luis Daniel; Neria, Xochitl; Acevedo, Armando; Avila, Jose M; Lloveras, Joaquim // 2013
The present paper proposes a methodology for mechatronic design projects based on industrial engineering techniques. Today, in industrial production the reduction of research and development time is ...

Mediating technology: How ICT influences the morality of the digital generation

Bats, Jan; Valkenburg, Rianne; Verbeek, Peter-Paul // 2013
An increasingly important theme for ICT designers is in what way ICT interferes with moral reasoning. ICT has given us new possibilities and it has simplified our lives. However, it is also ...

Merging creative design and CAD learning activities in a product design programme

O'Rourke, Pearl; O'Kane, Colm; Smith, Leslie; Ring, Michael // 2013
Traditional learning and teaching methods for creativity differ from those used in a scientific context. Although the creative process can benefit from a certain level of prescription and structural ...

Modeling parameter analysis design moves with C-K theory

Kroll, Ehud; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoît // 2013
The parameter analysis methodology of conceptual design is studied in this paper with the help of C-K theory. Each of the fundamental design moves is explained and defined as a specific sequence of ...

Models of resilient adaptive practice

Trathen, Stephen; Varadarajan, Soumitri // 2013
This paper examines the development of the Australian graduate industrial designer in a period of significant change. It explores the mismatches between current industrial design education ...

Morphological analysis of C-K’s C-constructs on design group creativity

Zeiler, Wim // 2013
The design of buildings is complex and requires the support of multi-disciplinary design teams. Therefore a supportive design approach has been developed; Integral Design. The Integral design method, ...

On the co-existance of FBS and TRIZ for simplifying design process in an iterative way

Russo, Davide; Spreafico, Christian; Duci, Stefano // 2013
Functional design model and in particular FBS model are, in recent years, most commonly accepted design theories to support design process. However, with regard to their use it remains widespread ...

On the effectiveness of experimenting with C-K theory in design education: Analysis of process methodology, results and main lessons drawn

Blanchard, Philippe Michel; Corsi, Patrick; Christofol, Hervé; Richir, Simon // 2013
This paper experiments a transdisciplinary design innovation way in educational contexts through workshops implementing a C-K Theory-based co-evolution between Concepts and Knowledge spaces. At ...

Operationalization of the quadrant-based validation in case of a designerly software development methodology

Du Bois, Els; Horvath, Imre // 2013
Systematic validation of design methods is important to advance the professional practice of engineering design. In contrast, we lack structured approaches for validation of design methodologies. In ...

Out of the lecture and into the studio: a new take on teaching design history

Howell, Bryan; Christensen, Kimberly // 2013
Studio-based instructional models have been a central landmark of architecture and design education for nearly 100 years. However, studio models are typically found only in courses teaching design ...

Personality bias in user centred design

Roos, John Magnus; Nilsson, Thomas; Wheatley, Ellen // 2013
Personality theorists divide people along traits as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. The present study investigates to what degree personality traits ...

Practice-oriented engineering design education - an institutional comparison

Voß, Markus; Lautner, Hans // 2013
The German education system knows two types of institutions endowed with a practice-oriented mission in tertiary education: Universities of Applied Sciences and Cooperative State Universities. ...

Predicting the behavior of solution alternatives within product improvement processes

Abramovici, Michael; Lindner, Andreas; Dienst, Susanne; Fathi, Madjid // 2013
Nowadays an increasing number of industrial products are equipped with sensors, allowing a complete monitoring of the product and its working conditions during the use phase. The data generated by ...

Preliminary simulations of scale and value of legitimation in design practice

Singh, Vishal; Gero, John S // 2013
This paper presents preliminary simulation results on the effects of scale and value of legitimation in design practice. The paper describes a basic simulation model, which adopts legitimation code ...

Product evolution diagram; a systematic approach used in evolutionary product development

Ehlhardt, Huub // 2013
Students of Industrial Design Engineering are offered a course in Evolutionary Product Development (EPD) that provides design guidelines for a low-risk strategy in new product development. This ...

Product strategies in merchant ship and airliner industries

Lehtinen, Jouni; Lehtonen, Timo; Pakkanen, Jarkko; Riitahuhta, Asko // 2013
equipment for transportation and have similar design targets brings up a question, why applied industrial paradigms are so different? Theories about evolution of industrial paradigms and product ...

Rhetoric and design

Ballard, Glenn; Koskela, Lauri // 2013
The relationship between rhetoric and design has been the subject of numerous scholarly publications in the last fifty years, but has not been addressed by scholars of engineering design. This paper ...

Service design for social space in smart city in case of a Taipei MRT station exit

Wang, Sheng-Ming; Aguilera, Daniel; Cobar, Frida; Aganda, John // 2013
The main purpose of this study is to use service design method for provoking better user experiences of social spaces in a smart city. Service design thinking and participant observation methods are ...

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