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Context, collaboration and complexity in designing: The pivotal role of cognitive artifacts

Subrahmanian, Eswaran; Reich, Yoram; Krishnan, Sruthi // 2013
Designing progresses through continuous refinement of models. In today's design practice, these models get created and refined by multi-cultural, multidisciplinary teams that speak different ...

Continuous design FMEA – Proposal for a new perspective on FMEA

Andrade, Luiz Fernando Segalin de // 2013
This paper presents a method that assists in concept evaluation during the conceptual design phase, called the continuous FMEA tool. The use of this tool allows for better execution of integrated ...

Curriculum differentiation for masters in product development

Jacoby, Alexis; Baelus, Chris // 2013
Based on the input from industrial competence centres and consultative group meetings with academics and practitioners, the product development department of the faculty of design sciences has ...

Design and business model experimentation

Petersen, Soren Ingomar // 2013
A chasm currently exists between business and design, which involves transforming strategic business objectives and market opportunities into actionable design criteria. Poor feedback loops from new ...

Design based entrepreneurship

Møller Nielsen, Louise; Wikström, Anders; Tollestrup, Christian // 2013
Designers are often recognized as natural entrepreneurs, due to their creative skills and competences in the idea-generation and product development processes. A number of studies shows that creative ...

Design for privacy – Design Tool to Map Perceptions, Conflicts and Strategies of Privacy in Mobile Technology Development

Schneider, Diana; Kornberger, Tanja // 2013
This paper investigates the area of tension of privacy versus technologically enabled ubiquity, in order to align both into improved product and service design solutions. Through an iterative process ...

Designers’ promises or users’ expectations?

Gabelloni, Donata; Fantoni, Gualtiero // 2013
Several frameworks describe the design process, such as the FBS model and its extensions. Some of them present a designer-centric view, while the most recent ones are more based on the user’s point ...

Designing experienceable systems by using microcontroller based platforms

De Grande, Guido; Baelus, Chris; De Roeck, Dries; Van Campenhout, Lukas // 2013
Industrial and product designers have increased access to various microcontroller based electronic platforms to test system design and interaction design ideas. A well known example of such a ...

Development of the digital storage Fuon

Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi, Hesamedin; Schäfer, Thomas; Spielauer, Alexander; Aschinger, Gerold; Collado-Ruiz, Daniel // 2013
This paper ties to Fuon Theory, where functional icons are suggested to phrase standardized functional units. Having functional unit parameters at hand, products that can be described by these ...

Do user driven innovation and ecodesign enrich or fight one another, and does sufficient methodologies for combining the two exist?

Herskind, Mathies; Sidelmann, Kristian // 2013
This paper is a theoretical investigation and case study of the presently highly debated and much referenced terms ‘ecodesign’ and ‘user driven innovation’, with the aim of illuminating the ...

Effect of expectation on affective quality perception

Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi; Takatsuji, Kenji; Mikami, Natsu // 2013
A user’s experience of a product involves a set of transitions from one sensory state to another. In such state transitions, a disconfirmation between prior expectation and posterior experience ...

Enabling organizational changes for development of product-service system offers

Wallin, Johanna; Chirumalla, Koteshwar; Isaksson, Ola // 2013
The manufacturing industry is going through a transition from developing of products to the provision of product-service systems (PSS). Earlier research has identified different types of PSS offers, ...

Enhancing product architecture application in education and industrial practice

Dittmann, Claudia; Hinsch, Malte; Schliefer, Ino; van der Beek, Johannes; Feldhusen, Jörg // 2013
Creating good product architectures is one of the keys to designing configurable and successful products. As defined by Ulrich [1], product architecture is a scheme by which the function of a product ...

Equivalence of Design Structure Matrix and Axiomatic Design

Tokunaga, T.; Fujimura, S. // 2013
We show equivalence of design structure matrix (shortly DSM) and axiomatic design (shortly AD). First, DSM is defined as a set of permissible ranges of both functions and constraints. We study ...

Exploratory study of the inclusion of territorial resources in design process

Allais, Romain; Tatiana, Reyes; Lionel, Roucoules // 2013
This article describes an exploratory study of the inclusion of territorial resources in a business's value-creating process through the application of a global and systemic ecodesign approach. ...

Exploring storyboarding in pre-brief activities

Wikström, Anders; Verganti, Roberto // 2013
Creating ideas is no longer seen as a challenge within companies, creative sessions and brainstorming is widespread in most companies. However, when creating a design brief there is a lack of tools ...

Fighting poverty through design: Comparing design processes for the base and the top of the world income pyramid

Jagtap, Santosh; Larsson, Andreas; Hiort, Viktor; Olander, Elin; Warell, Anders; Khadilkar, Pramod // 2013
The base (BOP) and the top (TOP) of the world income pyramid represent the poor people and the people from developed countries, respectively. About two-fifths of the world population can be ...

Forming a method mindset: the role of knowledge and preference in facilitating heuristic method usage in design

Daalhuizen, Jaap; Person, Oscar; Gattol, Valentin // 2013
ourse on design theory and methodology, we investigated method usage for five activities in the basic design cycle: (1) analysis, (2) synthesis, (3) simulation, (4) evaluation and (5) ...

Glass and wine: The indissoluble marriage

Venturi, Francesca; Zinnai, Angela; Fantoni, Gualtiero; Gabelloni, Donata; Razionale, Armando Viviano // 2013
The FBS model describes theoretically the design process of a product. Only few papers present real industrial case studies, which are generally finalized to illustrate theoretical concepts.
The aim ...

Grounded knowledge representations for biologically inspired design

Helms, Michael; Goel, Ashok // 2013
Over the last decade or so, biologically inspired design has emerged as a major paradigm in engineering design. In our work on biologically inspired design we generate grounded descriptive accounts ...

How design theories enable the design of generic technologies: Notion of generic concept and genericity improvement

Kokshagina, Olga; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit; Cogez, Patrick // 2013
Generic technologies enable to create benefits across wide range of industrial applications. Though providing important insights on generic technologies commercialization, less attention was paid to ...

How to teach design for manufacturability at micro scale tasks

Schulze, Volker; Zanger, Frederik; Hoppen, Philipp // 2013
Designing for manufacturability is a big challenge for every designer. Every manufacturing process has its characteristics and its limits. Costs and manufacturing time are often difficult to ...

Impact of a change of environment on autonomy and design exploration

Loudon, Gareth Hugh; Gill, Steve; Wilgeroth, Paul // 2013
This research explored how a change of physical and social environment might affect a product design student’s ability to learn new design skills and to explore new design ideas. To do this, we ...

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