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A sustainable, industry-oriented Concept for an integrated Project in Bachelor and Master Education in Mechatronics

Leibl, Peter; Seemuller, Albert; Steinkogler, Alexander // 2012
The paper describes the differences in the theoretical background, methods and steps during the project works and the differences between the bachelor and master projects in the field of ...

A ‘Diagnosis Tool’ for Innovation Created and Tested with the Aid of Design Students

Eger, Arthur; Vermeulen, Ferry // 2012
Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are generally considered as an important vehicle for new product development and innovation. However, SMEs inherently experience specific problems in their ...

Applying Geometric Relationship in Product Design

Hyo ,Jin Koh // 2012
Geometry and the golden ratio in art, architecture and design are frequently used as a way to perceive aesthetically pleasing structures rather than as a principle to further develop visual coherence ...

Assessment of Engineering Design Theses

Watty, Robert; Kreimeyer, Matthias // 2012
To evaluate a student’s work best possible, the assessment of theses written as part of the curriculum has to meet certain standards from both an academic and an industrial perspective to fully ...

Circle of Form

Jaeger, Thomas Arvid // 2012
Teaching aesthetics belongs to one of the most flourishing part in education. The variety of methods, terminology and tradition differs from country to country, school to school and from person to ...

Collaborative Creative Design Process in Medical Device Development

Privitera, M. B. // 2012
Designing and developing a medical device is a complex exchange of ideas and theoretical concepts requiring multiple disciplines working towards viable solutions. It requires collaboration and ...


Liikkanen, L. A.; Laakso, M. // 2012
The domain of design is associated with creativity. One recent debate concerns the influence of user-centered design (UCD) on creativity. This paper analyzes this influence based on a cognitive ...

Consideration of Material Behaviour in the Creative Design Process: A Perspective from Structural Engineering

Hay, T.J; Lee, D; Larsen, O.P // 2012
The purpose of this paper is to examine how material choices are made in practice by structural engineers and by implication how material behaviour is understood. The research uses documents from ...


Biedermann, W.; Lindemann, U. // 2012
Structural analyses are widely accepted as a major tool in early design phases. However, due to recent advances in graph theory such as motif analysis an almost infinite number of analysis criteria ...


Spitas, C., Badke-Schaub, P.; Spitas, V.; Rajabalinejad, M.; Karana, E. // 2012
In this paper we present a theoretically motivated and evaluation-centred research approach which aims to analyse behaviour patterns of students when dealing with complex problems in embodiment ...

Creativity in Design Education: The Effect of C-K’S C-constructs

Zeiler, Wim // 2012
The design of buildings is complex and requires the support of multi-disciplinary design teams. Therefore a supportive design approach has been developed: Integral Design. Integral Design combines an ...

Creativity, Surprise & Design: An Introduction and Investigation

Brown, D. C. // 2012
This paper weaves together some of the basic ideas about surprise, and creativity, in the context of design. Situations in which design surprise might occur are identified, and a few are discussed in ...


von Saucken, C.; Schröer, B.; Kain,A.; Lindemann, U. // 2012
We suggest the Customer Experience Interaction Model (CEIM) to support the design of User Experience (UX). It provides a holistic view on the interaction of users with products. Therefore, CEIM ...


Wikström, A.; Jackson, M. // 2012
This paper will discuss how design and design thinking can contribute to an innovative development process in a conscious, controlled, and cost effective way. The subject will be reviewed from a ...

Design and evaluation of a concept for storing thermal energy

Andersson, Kjell; Bhandari, Kaviresh; Chamoun, Simon; Engel, Katrin // 2012
Thermal energy storage technology is a promising power source for peak-power requirements in automotive applications as well as for small-scale combined heat-and-power generation. This paper reports ...

Design Competence in ICT Education

Gulden, Tore; Sandnes, Frode Eika; Habib, Laurence // 2012
The new discrimination law in Norway requires new products and environments to be developed in such a way that they can be used by as many people as possible. In response to this legislation the ...

Design Education: Empirical Investigations of Design Theory in Practice in Specific Context

Boruah, Dipanka; Das, Dr. Amarendra Kumar // 2012
The present extent and content of designers’ work has changed from those in the past. Green and Bonollo mention seven phases in the product development process. The global market becoming ...


Faroughi ,A.; Faroughi ,R. // 2012
In this work a new strategic design concept, which organizes and manages complexity and change, is presented. Along the lines of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, the paper first analyzes the past ...

Design Theories Analysis in Frame of the Definition of Inventive Design Efficiency

Taheri, A.; Cavallucci, D.; Oget, D. // 2012
This paper represents partial results of our research among different design theories to make a data base of the theories components, discern inventive design activities and define an indicator for ...

Design Thinking and Aesthetic Meaning-Making: Interlaced Means to Engage in Collaborative Knowledge-Building

Zahedi, Mithra; Poldma, Tiiu; Baha, Ehsan; Haats, Tim // 2012
Engaging in knowledge building that is collaborative and that integrates design thinking among interdisciplinary teams is increasingly a means to innovate in product and service design and in ...

Designer Storytelling

Parkinson, David; Bohemia, Erik // 2012
This paper aims to explore the approaches that designers take when storytelling. Design artefacts, such as sketches, models, storyboards and multimedia presentations, are often described in terms of ...

Drama in Design: An Open Brief to Design for Wellbeing

Liao, Tjhien Yuan; Person , Oscar // 2012
This paper presents a design module in which student teams were challenged in an open brief to design for wellbeing. To design for wellbeing is difficult. Wellbeing is ambiguous, hard to define and ...

Educating Critical Thinking in Design Research

Almendra, Rita Assoreira // 2012
This paper presents a study done in 2010 as part of a course named design critics that integrates the curricular year of a Design PhD program in a Portuguese University that works according to the ...

Effect of Teamwork Modes in Distributed International Design Teams

Man, Jeff; Lu, Yuan; Alblas, Alex; Brombacher, Aarnout // 2012
Over the past decades, the creation and development of new products has become a truly global activity. This requires people from different cultures on different locations to closely work together. ...

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