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HCD in a Quasi-Market: Lessons from a Design Project in Kebri Beyah Refugee Camp, Ethiopia

Hasselknippe, Kathinka; Reikvam, Gudrun; Fladvad Nielsen, Brita // 2014
A student design project conducted in a refugee settlement in Eastern Ethiopia during fall 2013 illustrates the challenges of designing appropriate products and systems for the humanitarian market. ...

How Universal Design Principles can Enhance the Interface of 3D Printing Programs

Steen-Hansen, Linn; Gine Lundh, Maud Veronica; Chen, Weiqin // 2014
Experts have predicted that 3D technologies will take on a growing importance in the economy. Results from a previous research in a Norwegian College indicate that the use of 3D modelling programs ...

Hybrid Touchpoints for Relational Service in Social Innovation: A Case Study of “Eat Me!”

Pui Ying Lo, Kathy // 2014
This paper: (1) proposes an analytical framework using hybrid touchpoints (interweaving of online and offline service touchpoints) to facilitate relational service in social innovation, and (2) ...


Cash, P.J.; Kreye, M.E. // 2014
The aim of this paper is to explore the applicability of Information Processing Theory (IPT) for understanding empirical designer activity in the early design stages. Critically we investigate the ...

Knowledge Management in Product Generation Development – an empirical study  (Members only )

Albers, A.; Bursac, N.; Urbanec, J.; Lüdcke, R.; Rachenkova, G. // 2014
In the context of this contribution, the term-product generation development is defined with the help of the systems theory approach and distinguished from already existing ...

Konzept zur Methodenbeschreibung und -auswahl auf Basis von Kompetenzen und Zusammensetzung von Entwicklungsteams  (Members only )

Bavendiek, Ann-Kathrin; Inkermann, David; Vietor, Thomas // 2014
Design methods are used to support single steps of the product development process and are expected to contribute to reduce development time and higher degree of innovation. Increasing time and cost ...

Learnings from Joint Service Spheres

Lampinen, Minttu; Tossavainen, Paivi J. // 2014
Value creation is one of the main theoretical constructs in recent service research in marketing discipline. Value creation together i.e. value-co-creation with the customers, both B2B and B2C, is ...

Measurement of Design Front-End - Radical Innovation Approach

Berg, Pekka; Pihlajamaa, Jussi; Kyvsgaard Hansen, Poul // 2014
The overall structure and the main characteristics of the future product are all decided in the front-end phase, which then strongly affects subsequent new product development activities. Recent ...

Metaphors in Design Curricula

Hiort af Orn, Viktor // 2014
Metaphors are central to the way we see and shape the world, and identifying metaphors can help to question how certain issues are explained or set-up, thereby opening up a range of opportunities for ...

Mixed Method Research Procedure for Design Education

Feast, Luke; Blijlevens, Janneke // 2014
within design education by presenting a methodology for utilizing both qualitative data and quantitative data within an integrated research procedure. Rigorous research training is needed because ...


Freitas Salgueiredo, C.; Hatchuel, A. // 2014
Biologically inspired design uses biological systems as a source of inspiration to improve technical ones. Based on three case examples of biologically inspired design modeled using the C-K design ...

New Teaching Designs Applied in Engineering Schools: An Empirical Case Study on Non Technical Subjects

Presoto, Anderson Edilson; Baldichia, Lucas; L., Ana // 2014
Brazilian public universities, in particular, engineering schools, have been founded inspired by European models: students following a learning process in a passive mode, where knowledge is ...

Open Design as an Education Tool in Architectural Studies

Vazakas, Alexandros Theocharis // 2014
The paper presents a course that introduces Architecture students to product design, materials, techniques and fabrication processes. The course uses a combination of digital fabrication tools and ...

Organisational Culture as the Mechanism for Internationalising Innovation Platforms

Oinonen, Paivi // 2014
Aalto University Design Factory (ADF) is a passion-based co-creation platform, which aims to change the paradigm of industry collaboration in universities. Simultaneously the ability to respond to ...


Ariza, N.; Maya ,J. // 2014
User experience, UX, has become very important to product design today as a way to add value and differentiate products. Many different UX models exist but most of them lack of empirical research ...

Putting Something into Play – Reflections on Video as a Creative Tool in Design

Vibeke, Sj // 2014
In design, video is typically used as a tool for presentation, instruction, or observation. The use of video for creation and discovery as part of the design process is new terrain. This article ...

Reflection in Design Education Using Visual Technology

Stoltenberg, Einar; Sj, Vibeke // 2014
Product design students are trained to express themselves through visual media like two-dimensional (2D) and 3D drawing, prototyping, and digital media. Thus, written language is not always their ...


Yan, Y.; Jiang, P.; Squires ,A.; Childs, P.R.N. // 2014
In this paper, a theoretic framework was proposed on how to select the most appropriate creativity tools to stimulate designers' creativity in terms of the nature of the design task to be tackled, ...

Supporting the Early Stages of the Product Design Process: Using an Integrated Collaborative Environment

Malins (1), Julian; Liapis (2), Aggelos; Kantorovitch (3), Julia; Markopoulous (4), Panos; Laing (1), Richard; Didaskalou (5), Alexandros; Coninx (6), Karin; Maciver (1), Fiona // 2014
Existing technologies designed to support professional product designers focus mainly on the modelling stages of the design process, while the early conceptual stages remain relatively unexplored. ...

Teaching Ethics in Engineering and Design, the Necessity of Concurrent Engineering.

Gonz, Carlos Alberto // 2014
Mechatronics engineering is a discipline, which links together three different areas: mechanics, electronics and digital systems. This major, has proven its use in industry, it allows them to have ...

Test Results of Practical Value-Centric Business Development Methodology

Randmaa, Merili; Otto, Tauno; Howard, Thomas J. // 2014
Design and the creativity and innovation involved in it are “living things moving in a field.” By limiting their movements, they may be described with greater accuracy, but their natural movements ...


Sansoni, S.; Wodehouse ,A.J.; Buis, A. // 2014
Aesthetics of prosthetic devices is an emerging academic field, concerned with the visual attraction of a particularly intimate category of medical device. Our belief is that prosthetic users can ...

The Capability Approach: Theoretical Discussion in Light of a Design Project

Grande, Julie; Fladvad Nielsen, Brita // 2014
Technological solutions can play a vital part in promoting development. This article will discuss the potential of using the capability approach in the practical design work, based on field study of ...

The Challenges of Developing Styling DNA Design Methodologies for Car Design

Shahriman, Zainal Abidin; Azlan, Othman; Zafruddin, Shamsuddin; Zaidy, Samsudin; Halim, Hassan // 2014
This paper discusses the challenges of developing ‘Styling DNA’ for car design. Existing theories, models and frameworks towards styling DNA are still fuzzy. Many car industries are still struggling ...

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